General Rehearsal

26 Apr–6 Sep 2018

A project adopting theatrical techniques reconsiders the potential of the interaction between art and the spectator.

General Rehearsal is a meta-disciplinary experiment adopting theatrical techniques in artistic representation. Developed by the V–A–C Foundation and Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), it has run for five months at MMOMA.

Exhibitions of visual art are normally non-dynamic situations in which two and three-dimensional objects fill a three-dimensional space. With General Rehearsal, we want to introduce time into the presentation of art in a museum so as to investigate the possibility of a project that changes over time like a living organism. Adopting the structure of a theatrical play with three acts, we want to explore how visual art can embrace other disciplines, their format, tradition, and through that become more involved in life’s ever-changing flow.

In the rooms of MMOMA, artworks are selected to perform three theatrical acts comprising of several scenes. The three acts are authored by different “scriptwriters”: the Mutual Action Theatre, a group of theatre professionals and artists; the philosopher Armen Avanessian; and Maria Stepanova, poet and writer. These elements allow the show to unfold in time in the same way that opera, theater, dance and film do.

An extensive public programme forms a part of the project: concerts and performances, the Faculty of Mediation, reading groups, talks and lectures, as well as film screenings. Among the participants of the public programme are the Romanian artist Alexandra Pirici with her sculptural performance Parthenon (KADIST collection), the British Cally Spooner with her work Warm-up and Canadian artist and composer Miriam Blaeu with her light and music piece Soft Revolvers.