General Rehearsal. Film programme

The film programme of the General Rehearsal project includes both thematic film screenings and talks about films with their creators and film critics.

The Argentinean director Lola Arias, the author of the film Theatre of War (Argentina, Spain, Germany, 2018) will discuss with the theatre critic Nika Parkhomenskaya her film dedicated to the Falklands war between Argentina and Great Britain, as well as the traditions of social theatre. After the Russian premiere of the film by Zhang Miaoyan Silent Mist (China, France, 2017), its director will talk to the critic Dmitry Golynko-Wolfson.

The first Russian screening of the restored authorial version of the cult synthie-fi gem Liquid Sky (USA, 1982), winner of the Special Jury Prize at Brussels, Montreal, Sydney and Cartagena (1983), will be followed by an online talk with its director Slava Tsukerman. Francophonia by Alexander Sokurov (France, Germany, Netherlands, 2015) tells the story of the Louvre during the Nazi occupation. After the screening, the English conceptualist artist Simon Starling analyses the film with the viewers, paying attention to its intersections with his own project Nachbau (Reconstruction), also presented at General Rehearsal.

The Lebanese/French artist Ali Cherri presents his film The Digger (Lebanon, UAE, France, 2015); the screening is followed with a lecture-cum-performance in which he critically examines the role of archaeology and reflects on the possibility of alternative histories in the absence of material evidence.

The screening and talk on How to Film Art with the participation of Sergey Soloviev and Nastia Korkia is dedicated to four pictures: Look at the Face (1966) by Pavel Kogan, Beaubourg, Centre d’Art e de Culture Georges Pompidou (France, 1977, dir. Roberto Rossellini), When Rossellini Filmed the Centre Pompidou, (France, 1977, dir. Jacques Grandclaude), and the six-minute Sharp and Soft by Nastia Korkia (Russia, 2018), shot at the future site of GES-2.

Also in the programme of the General Rehearsal project are the screenings of such films as Ava (France, 2017, dir. Lea Misius), Napalm (France, 2017, dir. Jacques Grandclaude), Towards the Wind (Spain, Argentina, France, 2018, dir. Meritxel Colell Aparicio) and the Russian premiere of the work of Joao Moreira Salles An Era on the March (Brazil, 2017).

Participants of the film programme

Lola Arias, Argentinian performer, stage and film director. Since 2007 she has been engaged in social theatre, in particular, staging reenactments of events based on memories of the military juntas era in Argentina and Chile.

Nika Parkhomovskaya, critic, producer, member of the Association of Theatre Critics. She specializes in social theatre.

Meritxell Colell Aparicio, Catalonian director. She has worked with the Joan Miro’ Foundation. Her debut feature film Con el Viento was selected for the Cinéfondation Atelier at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

Katya Ganyushina, contemporary dance researcher, art critic, founder of the Room For contemporary dance agency.

Zhang Miaoyan, director, cameraman, writer and artist. Award winner at the Rotterdam (2011) and Zerkalo (2015) festivals.

Dmitry Golynko-Wolfson, poet, contemporary cultural commentator, literary and art critic and essayist. An Associate Professor at the St. Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television; holds the Candidate of Arts degree. Nominee for the Andrey Bely Prize (2002).

Slava Tsukerman, Soviet-American director, student of the director Lev Kuleshov. Emigrated to Israel in 1973 and then moved to New York where he shot Liquid Sky, one of the main American cult films of the 1980s.

Simon Starling, artist, teacher and winner of the Turner Prize (2005). Represented Scotland at the Venice Biennale (2003). Participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, including Simon Starling. Metamorphology (Museum of Contemporary Arts, Chicago, 2014); Loft Lift Presentation (Modern Art Museum, Stockholm, 2013); Phantom Ride (Tate Modern, London, 2013); Project for a Masquerade (Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima, 2011). From 2003 to 2015 he was a professor at the Frankfurt Städelschule.

Ali Cherri, visual artist. He was born in Beirut in 1976, when 15-year-long Lebanon civil war began . Combining documentary and fiction, Cherri addresses the consequences of war and also explores the society of the restless present, for which the future represents not a promise, but a threat.