As part of the General Rehearsal project, eight musicians present their concerts in different genres, from jazz to ambient.

The concert programme of the project is inaugurated by the veteran of electronic music Gigi Masin, who first gained fame in the 1970s. Visitors to the General Rehearsal will be among the first to hear Masin’s latest album KITE live. “I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what 'change' means," comments the musician himself. "Turning a corner when you’re walking straight down the street? A ship changing its course with the winds and waves? Or a kite twisting and twirling amongst the clouds?”

On the Night of Museums, the Israeli producer Autarkic plays a live set in the courtyard of MMOMA, which combines the drive of post-punk and disco with the hypnotic edge of krautrock and Middle Eastern melodics. The British musician Shiva Feshareki also presents her set at the General Rehearsal. She arranges entire music archives into individual characteristic sounds, and then creates new stories about cultural codes, audience perception, and various aspects of memory from the components.

The musician JS Aurelius, another participant of the project, creates noise works, and each of his performances is based on his response to socio-political events. For example, in one of his last works Goofin' Drones he protested against the use of American combat drones in the Middle East by generating interference in the navigation of combat drones.

In a completely different aesthetic, the London duo of Tomaga, the multi-instrumentalists Valentina Megaletti and Tom Relin explore the intersection of psychedelic jazz, minimalism, industrial aesthetics, and kraut rock. At the General Rehearsal, Tomaga presents compositions from their last two albums.

For the first time in Russia, the Moscow-based KYMATIC ensemble performs The Sinking of the Titanic by the British composer Gavin Bryars, whose music combines elements of minimalism, free improvisation, avant-garde, jazz and neoclassicism. Another British musician and composer Matthew Bourne performs his own composition which, in the words of The Guardian critic, “sounds as if he is interrogating an alien sound source on an upright grand piano.”

The programme concludes with a concert by the British post-minimalist Philip Jeck, who has been masterfully mixing acoustics and electronics for many years. From a huge number of wires, old turntables, remote controls and other beautiful vintage equipment, he creates musical landscapes of “vinyl paradise”, filled with unique sounds, harmonies and images.

The concert is a part of the joint programme of the V–A–C Foundation and the Synthposium Festival.

Read Philip Jeck's interview on Syg.ma.

Concert program participants

Gigi Masin is an Italian ambient musician,  member of the Gaussian Curve ensemble. He has released six albums.

Autarkic is the project of the Israeli producer of electronic music Nadav Spiegel. He has been a guest at Primavera, CTM, Red Bull Music Academy festivals.

JS Aurelius is a Canadian musician and artist, member of the punk band Destruction Unit and the noise duo Marshstepper known for their expressive performances. He curates the avant-garde label Ascetic House.

Tomaga is a British-based duo of Valentina Magaletti and Tom Relin. In 2017 they took part in the special Barbican Centre Can Project along with Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine.

KYMATIC is the Moscow musical ensemble who develop multimedia and interdisciplinary dimensions in classical and experimental music.

Matthew Bourne is a British musician and composer. He has been involved in The Electric Dr M, Bourne/Davis/Kane, Radioland projects. Winner the BBC Radio Jazz Award (2002).

Shiva Feshareki is a British radio presenter, experimental composer and DJ. She has studied European and Middle Eastern musical tradition. She leads the Both Sides Now residency for young artists. Winner of the British BASCA award for innovation in music.

Philip Jeck is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He has worked with Gavin Bryars, Steve Lacey, David Sylvian, Bernard Lang and Jah Wobble. As an artist, he has exhibited at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum in Berlin, the Hayward Gallery in London, the Centre for Art and Media Technology in Karlsruhe, and at the Shanghai and Liverpool Biennales.