Programme for kids and teenagers

5 May–8 Sep 2018
Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA)

As part of the General Rehearsal project, artists, curators, a sound designer and a choreographer present a programme for kids and teenagers from 3 to 18 years old.

The traditional format of guided tours of the exhibition will be presented in the guise of specialized tours for different interests and age groups. The tour for children of between 3 and 8 years old will be combined with an animation workshop: together with a mediator, participants will first draw their favorite images or the displayed works, and after the tour, the kids will master the techniques of object and abstract animation and try to create a cartoon. During the tour and the Non-Random Movements master class, children aged 5-7 learn to express emotions in more than just words, and are taught how to create pictures with mystery objects and colours.

The tour for children and teenagers aged 9-13 is followed with a class on screenwriting. An interactive tour of the exhibition introduces participants to the basic concepts of drama, and then gives them the opportunity to write a play. 8 to 12-year-olds are introduced to various forms of contemporary art, and then invited to create their own works and tell their stories through performance art. A tour for teenagers aged 11-14 also has to do with performance: together with a choreography teacher, they walk through the exhibition halls and then, in a practical session, try to present the exhibition as a playground, a space that activates a particular choreography.

Two special tours are associated with sound and music. Teenagers aged 11-14 are told in detail about the sound component of the works presented at the exhibition; after that, at the workshop they are introduced to the basics of sound art and given the opportunity to try on the role of audio artists. Teenagers aged 15-18 are taught electronic music: they learn how to work with sound in Ableton Live and to write their own tracks. Another tour for those aged between 14 and 18 is complemented with a screenwriting class which culminates in a presentation of the plays written by the participants and a talk about these.

All programmes for kids and teenagers conclude with a kind of graduation, where the participants will present their animated films, electronic tracks and performances. A film marathon and master classes round off the event.

Authors and presenters of the kids and teenagers programme:

Maria Aligozhina, animation artist, illustrator, curator of the educational programme of the Big Cartoon festival, and a lecturer at the Higher School of Economics Design School.

Maria Kroupnik, curator of the Playwright+ educational programme at the Lyubimovka festival, the Russian-British project Theatre of Climate Action, programmes at the Bolshaya Peremena international children’s theatre festival. Programme curator of the ZIL cultural centre.

Ilmira Bolotyan, artist, holder of the Candidate of Philology degree. She has taught Class Act classes for teenagers and adults at the Climate Action Theatre project, the Seasons festival, the Non-Fiction book fair and the Vladivostok School of Contemporary Art.

Alexander Vasilenko, sound designer, producer and engineer. He participated in the Kazantip festival (2011, 2012), curated the educational programme of the Tavrida forum (2016) and launched the Ansr Music project (2018).

Daria Plokhova, choreographer, dance artist, teacher of contemporary dance, co-founder of the Aisedorino Gore dance cooperative. She is the curator of the Art of Movement festival learning programme, the co-curator of the TSEKH+ educational programme and the Dog Syndrome programme.