Carte Blanche

1 Apr–15 Dec 2017

The V–A–C projects in the programme of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA).

As part of the Carte Blanche experimental programme, MMOMA intends to invite partner art institutions to one of its venues, where they can enjoy the freedom to realize their own curatorial initiatives. V–A–C became the first participant of Carte Blanche. From April to the end of December 2017, we present five projects in MMOMA’s second building on Gogolevsky Boulevard. They are all related to the search for an up-to-date understanding of what an exhibition is. Art museums have reached the maximum versatility of design and activities; the issues of the boundaries of the museum, its capabilities and limitations are now the most important for their institutional development in Russia. Our programme offers an open talk about these issues with both the professional community and the broad audience.

The idea of the MMOMA programme took inspiration from a Palais de Tokyo in Paris. As part of Carte Blanche, since 2013, it has once a year provided space to an artist for the implementation of their exhibition project. The Moscow Carte Blanche is aimed at the development of institutional relations: the museum invites cultural institutions rather than individual artists. The guest institutions are provided with complete freedom in the development of their projects, their choice of artists and the format of the exhibition.

The mission of the programme is to expand the view of professionals and spectators on the process of contemporary art through the cooperation of institutions of various types and structures. For V–A–C, participation in the Carte Blanche was a continuation of a long-term programme aimed at founding a modern museum, expanding art space and establishing new ties with the audience.

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