Kirill Savchenkov. Office of Sensitive Activities / Applications Group

9 Sep–5 Nov 2017
Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA)

Knowledge systems and practices for a posthuman future.

The project Office of Sensitive Activities / Applications Group studies the systems of knowledge and practices through which human intellect interacts with the non-human one in order to survive in an environment of crises, global instability and conditions of a posthuman future.

The project consists of an installation that becomes a learning centre. The learning aspect is seen as a combination of physical and communicative practices andscientific and pseudoscientific disciplines — from cosmology and cryptozoology to paramilitary and meditative practices.

Viewers find themselves in a hybrid environment mixing elements of a library, a training centre and a natural science museum. Savchenkov calls the exhibition ‘a textbook manifested in objects’. The Office of Sensitive Activities / Applications Group also includes a 16 Steps programme with regular classes of physical exercise and reading groups.

Katerina Chcuchalina, Maria Kramar

The Office of Sensitive Activities / Applications Group project is part of the Carte Blanche experimental programme, in which MMOMA invites art institutions to implement their own curatorial initiatives.

The way we interpret events and decide how to act will increasingly demand changes in logic, and, consequently, a change in the way knowledge is used and the process of education itself.

— Kirill Savchenkov

Kirill Savchenkov is a teacher at Moscow Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia. He studies the relationships between education, cultural conflicts and identity in marginalized communities and subcultures.