Game exploration cards

4 Dec 2021–13 Mar 2022

Game cards that will help you talk about art and not just art! as well as to dream and have fun!

Designer Alexei Ivanovsky and illustrator Tim Yarzhombek have created a set of "game research cards" about the GES-2 season’s exhibitions. The cards give brief information about the art works on display and also suggest activities  to help visitors think about what they saw at the House of Culture and form their own opinions. 

Families with children can pick up the cards at the GES-2 information desk. We also have mediated tours based on the cards (prior registration required).


Alexei Ivanovsky

Designer, art director and creator of an app for the development of W1D1 creative skills. During the last few years he has been inventing ways to turn artistic practices into daily rituals.

Timofei Yarzhombek

Artist and illustrator. Curator at the HSE School of Design, member of the Bang Bang! agency. For almost 20 years he has been illustrating books, periodicals and much more. Father of three children.

Evgeniya Stratiychuk

Psychologist and former Montessori teacher, presenter of the Not Me teenage book club in the Litmuseum, and an employee of the Volunteers to Help Orphans foundation.

I borrowed my main technique from Viktor Shklovsky — “ostranenie”, the ability to make something strange again. We come up with formats in which the ordinary is seen from a new angle and dazzles anew. This removes the familiar from it, and we again feel how much exquisite, subtle and quiet happiness and beauty there is in the world.

— Alexei Ivanovsky, designer

Water for the public programme participants is provided by Edis