Game Exploration Cards: How to Play Together?

4 Dec 2021–27 Feb 2022

A joint game for children and adults involving our custom cards containing descriptions of the artworks and various tasks.

The family tour is structured around game cards about the GES–2 exhibitions of the Season 1. Santa Barbara — How Not to Be Сolonised? They are created by designer Alexey Ivanovsky and illustrator Tim Jarzombek in order to help visitors of all ages learn more about works of art, fantasise, and talk about art and beyond. During the tour, the mediator will meet the participants and talk about the projects To Moscow! To Moscow! To Moscow! and When Gondola Engines Were Taken to Bits. A Carnival in Four Acts, but most importantly, they will suggest various ways of playing with cards to make the experience even more interesting.

Duration of one tour: 60 minutes

Please note: The tour is designed to respect the age limits of the artwork and contains information adapted for children. Visitors under the age of 14 are only allowed if accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.

Image by Gleb Leonov