Tours for the exhibition To Moscow! To Moscow! To Moscow! and performative workshops in Russian Sign Language

Tours of the exhibition “To Moscow! To Moscow! To Moscow!” and a performative workshop for deaf and hard of hearing visitors.

The GES-2 House of Culture opens with the season Santa Barbara. How Not to Be Colonised?, which presents art by Ragnar Kjartansson, the Icelandic artist, performer, and musician. The season consists of several projects by Ragnar Kjartansson, including the eponymous performance. The title Santa Barbara was borrowed by the artist from the TV series that is well known to Russian spectators, too: this soap opera is the longest one on post-Soviet television.

Another project of the season that the tour will touch upon is the exhibition To Moscow! To Moscow! To Moscow!, where visitors will be able to take a look at the past, empathise with the exhibition characters and try to understand which images, values, and ideas that emerged back then are still relevant today.

During the tour, visitors will get acquainted with the history of the GES-2 House of Culture and learn more about the exhibition To Moscow! To Moscow! To Moscow!, featuring works by Ragnar Kjartansson and other artists, as well as take part in a performative workshop, where everyone will be able to express their attitude to the works by Ragnar and his artistic techniques.

Project curators
Sasha Anikushin, Vlad Kolesnikov

Maximum number of participants in a group: 15

Participation is free of charge upon prior registration via e-mail address access@ges-2.org or by telephone +7 963 996-36-87 (SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram).

Tour schedule: December 11, 25; January 29; February 19, 27 

Time: 13:00-17:00


Victoria Kuzmina

Victoria Kuzmina is a deaf person, and a specialist on accessibility programmes for deaf and hard of hearing visitors of the GES-2 House of Culture. She has been deaf since childhood and is fluent in Russian Sign Language. She has experience working as a mediator and giving tours for deaf and hard of hearing visitors.

Svetlana Bobkova

Svetlana Bobkova is a deaf person, who has many years of experience giving tours and workshops for deaf and hard of hearing visitors at various museums. Artist, administrator of the deaf guides community “Zhest v muzee (Gesture in the Museum)”, history teacher at the Special Needs Boarding School No. 65.

  • Russian sign language event
    Russian sign language event
  • Russian sign language eventAccessible to hard of hearing visitors
    Accessible to deaf and hard of hearing visitors