Catherine Malabou.
What should we do with our brain?

Post-human studies

The plasticity of the human brain as a potential for a new world and a new thinking.

Photo by Sofia Akhmetova

Catherine Malabou is a philosopher, a professor at the Centre for Research at Kingston University. Her areas of research include the connections between philosophy, neurobiology and psychoanalysis, the works of Hegel, Freud, Heidegger and Derrida.

The idea of the brain plasticity has become commonplace in modern neuroscience and has been widely debated in the media: consciousness is transformed by experience, education or the environment during the course of one’s life. Often this adaptability is associated with a person's readiness to adjust to any circumstances. In this sense, scientific points about decentralization, network organization, or the flexibility of the nervous system mirror the principles of management theory and the requirements of the global economy.

In her book Catherine Malabou explores brain plasticity as an ability not just to perceive form but to create and even eliminate it. The author distinguishes between flexibility and plasticity, compares the functioning of the brain and the economic system, and looks for areas of intersection between neuroscience, politics, and capitalism.

Photo by Sofia Akhmetova

The brain is a work, and we do not know that. We are its subjects- authors and products at once and we do not know it.

– Catherine Malabou