The Trial. Antonio Negri and the ‘7th April case’

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Transcript of court hearings in the case of Antonio Negri and other Italian political activists.

Rossella Biscotti is an artist who studies social and political events of the past, she deals with issues of collective memory and identity. Her methodology is based on archive work, sound recordings and historical documents. In her projects, Biscotti criticizes the ways of representing historical events, and also points out the ambiguity and subjectivity of the interpretation of the past.

In April 1979 in Italy there began a trial against Antonio Negri and other Italian militants and intellectuals who were part of the groups “Potere Operaio” (Workers Power) and “Autonomia Operaia” (Workers’ Autonomy). The majority were found guilty of preparing terrorist acts, the creation of the armed group the “Red Brigades” and the kidnapping and murder of the former Prime Minister, Aldo Moro. The court hearings lasted until 1984 and many of the suspects remained under arrest, although no substantive evidence of their involvement in the crimes were ever discovered.

The book “The Trial. Antonio Negri and the ‘7 April case’” was published as part of the artistic project, which was realized by V–A–C at the Gulag History Museum. It represented a six-hour reconstruction of the court hearings based on sound recordings from the courtroom.