Sergey Sapozhnikov

Artists' Books

Works by photo artist Sergey Sapozhnikov accompanied with texts by a curator, an art critic and a short story by Viktor Dragunsky.

Sergey Sapozhnikov is an artist, and a photographer. In his projects, he re-conceptualizes the Baroque legacy and transfers Baroque techniques to photography.

In the book "Sergey Sapozhnikov” contains photos taken from 2003 to 2012. In addition, the publication includes interviews with Sergey Sapozhnikov himself, texts by Irene Calderoni, curator of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, and art critic Yevgenia Kikodze, as well as Victor Dragunsky's short story "An Amazing day". It is in this children’s story, according to the artist, that his typical filming process is described so well.

Irene Calderoni, curator of several exhibitions of Sergei Sapozhnikov, believes that his photographic works are based on "the principle of instability and are in a state of temporary equilibrium — they look like solid formal compositions that are about to fall apart, just like the skewed structures that Sapozhnikov often depicts."

His favorite subject is the human figure in interaction with space, when it tries to adapt to different environments and in the process causes a physical collision of organic and inorganic matter-the body, nature, architecture and objects.