On a Personal Note. Film forum and film workshop

Film forum and workshop in Shchukino district are dedicated to different forms of subjectivity on the screen/ as well as to the search for new methods of expressing them.

The programme of the film forum On a Personal Note includes films that in some way or another contain the theme of portrait and the self-portrait; it deals with one’s own self-perception and about another reality. The viewer often tries to find himself in the film characters and creates more and more projections. Whereas mainstream cinema mainly exploits this effect by offering the same ready-made set of options, experimental directors look to approach this differently: instead of directly influencing the viewer, they offer them engagement. The programme On a Personal Note consists of these type of films; most of them had participated in international film festivals. Among them are Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie (1971), Yorgos Lanthimos’ Cannes award winner Dogtooth (2009) and Locarno and Sarajevo festivals favourite Scary Mother by Anna Urushadze (2017).

Immediately after the film forum, V–A–C, together with the League of Experimental Cinema, holds a film workshop Daydreaming in the Hood at the GROUND Khodynka Gallery, where professionals, including director Andrey Silvestrov, cameraman Daniil Fomichev and creenwriter Elizaveta Simbirskaya, help the participantswith no experience in film production shoot their own short films in various genres. All finished projects are to be shown at the gallery, and then presented in the form of a joint film almanac. As part of the special screenings of the film workshop Daydreaming in the Hood, the curated selection of the researcher Muriel Tinel-Temple from the LUX collection (London) will be presented — eleven short films in which experimental cinema intersects with the genre of the self-portrait. The screenings are followed with a talk with Muriel Tinel-Temple, the head of the workshop Andrey Silvestrov and the curator of the film project Kirill Adibekov.

More details about the project:

Participants of the film workshop Daydreaming in the Hood

Ksenia Babushkina, Mikhail Bodukhin, Maria Bolgova, Anastasia Vereykina, Pyotr Voloshin, Vladimir Vyalov, Yuri Golubev, Minur Guseynova, Ekaterina Zubkova, Oleg Koronniy, Alena Kosmodamianskaya, Polina Kushnerevich, Elizaveta Lobanova, Darya Mareeva, Vladimir Milovanov, Anna Muzina, Osman Nabiev, Darya Obukhova, Yana Osman, Katya Sidorina, Yana Sidorkina, Asya Trush, Elena Skripkina, Ivan Susarin, Alexandra Kharina, Masha Chernaya, Anna She, Nina Shurakova, Alina Yunusova, Sveta Yakovleva

Nominees at the Film Forum On a Personal Note

The Last Movie
1971, USA, Mexico
Director: Dennis Hopper
Award winner of the Venice film festival (1971). Russian premiere of the restored version.

Sherlock Jr.
1924, USA
Director: Buster Keaton
Russian premiere of the restored version.

Scary Mother / Sashishi deda
2017 Georgia, Estonia
Director: Ana Urushadze
Award winner at the Locarno and Sarajevo film festivals (2017) and On the Edge festival (Sakhalin, 2018)

Parade of Planets
1984, USSR
Director: Vadim Abdrashitov
Nominee at the Venice film festival (1985).

2018, Great Britain, Israel
Director: Iris Zaki
Nominee at the CPH: DOX and London film festivals (2018)

1990, Iran
Director: Abbas Kiarostami
Nominee at Locarno, Toronto, Chicago and Munchen film festivals (1990)

Dogtooth / Kynodontas
2009, Greece
Director: Yorgos Lanthimos
Award winner at the Cannes film festival (2009)

Russia as a Phantasma
2015, Russia
Nominee at the goEast film festival (2017).