Young adults

In our work with teenagers, we aim to rethink common models of cultural and social interactions, such as “museum — visitor”, “teacher — student”, “adult — teenager”. GES-2 will become a space where a new strategy and a new terminology will emerge. Each teenager here is treated as a young adult. Their experience is unique and important, and it doesn’t matter if they know how to correctly spell the word 'performance' or what grade they got in yesterday’s exam.

In our programmes for youth, first and foremost we explore everyday life both through the prism of art and through the perspective of a young adult. At GES-2, everyone will have the right to be heard but still can remain who they are. Our aim is to create a platform for expression and dialogue, free from moral censure and prejudice.

GES-2. Young adults

GES-2. Young adults is a project created by teenagers for teenagers. It is about growing up, finding one’s own identity and discovering the inner potential to transform oneself.

The project consists of two sections: “Talks” and “Practice/Documentation”. Twice a week 30 participants aged 16 and 17 together with special guests ranging from stand-up comedians and TikTok stars to art curators and journalists, will discuss the works and programmes of the House of Culture’s first season, Santa Barbara, and reflect on the complex world we live in. In these talks, there will be no one-size-fits-all opinions and judgements, and art will prove to be the best way to express oneself. GES-2. Young adults will conclude with an alternative version of a high-school prom: a situational performance at GES-2.