The Vaults
Bolotnaya Emb., 15
(Yandex, Google)
Mon — Fri, 10:00 —
The Vaults Art Production Centre is designed to support the art ecosystem of Russia's capital by providing artists working in different disciplines with access to state-of-the-art technology to help them realise their projects. The activities of the Vaults are conceived as running in parallel with, but not ones directly connected to, the main GES-2 art programme. The Vaults incorporates a number of high-tech workshops open to specialists working in a wide variety of fields, as well as to GES-2 resident artists. Here you can experiment with a wealth of materials – wood, metal, plastic, ceramics and textiles, create projects in photo, audio and video studios, a 3D printing laboratory, a printmaking studio and a finishing workshop, use a library of materials, and interact with other participants in the coworking space.
The Vaults provides opportunities to use professional equipment, supported by a team of technical specialists. All our workshops have a variety of tools and materials suitable for traditional techniques and digital production. They include Russia's first TC2 digital jacquard loom, a KUKA robotic arm, which allows one to combine milling and 3D printing, a Colenta processor for large-format photo printing (up to 2 metres in width) and an A2 Riso duplicator.