New Jokes About the Main Thing. Standup Lectures: Opening Night

11 Dec 2021
Pump room

Exploring contemporary Russian comedy as originally envisaged by its creators.

New Jokes About the Main Thing is a part of the project When Gondola Engines Were Taken To Bits — A Carnival in Four Acts, whose participants reflect on the idea of the carnivalesque and its relevance today. In a series of standup talks and showcase gigs, Russia’s leading standup comedians will share their understanding of the nature of comedy and present various angles of urban humour.

The first standup night will feature Misha Kostretsov talking about the differences between contemporary Russian comedy and its Soviet predecessor; Vova Bukharov will explain why some comedians are more successful than others, and Dima Gavrilov will contemplate whether or not standup comedy can be considered art.


Misha Kostretsov is a standup comedian, presenter of the Alternative Comedy show, participant in the 22 Comedians series (TNT4 channel), screenwriter and curator of New Jokes About the Main Thing.

Vova Bukharov is a standup comedian, founder of Stand-Up Club №1 and presenter of the podcast Bukharog LIve.

Dima Gavrilov is a standup comedian taking part in the projects Open Mic, Stand Up (TNT channel) and Roast (TNT4 channel).

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