Kids and families

Children’s programmes are very important for the GES-2 House of Culture. For us, children of all ages are not only spectators, but also our co-participants and co-creators. Our projects depend largely on them. We have a few basic principles.

It's an experiment

We are happy to try a variety of event formats to understand what is interesting and what is not for both you and us.

It's an opportunity

Parents and children can decide for themselves whether they want to spend time at GES-2 together or if one day they'd prefer to take part in separate activities.

Children of different ages can participate in projects on an equal footing, helping and supporting each other.

Everyone is free to choose the degree of their involvement: some programmes may last for several months, while others are one-time events.

It's irresistible!

Children’s programmes at GES-2 are for everyone: when we create them, we try to take into account the needs of parents and other adults who accompany their child.

What is our dream?

That children and their parents will know more about each other after their visit.

That both the needs and the contribution of children are in evidence in the work of the entire GES-2.

That all programmes are accessible to children of different ages, from different families and with different needs.

What else?

The number of projects for children and families will increase, and the projects themselves will develop.

Let’s grow together with GES-2!