Fashion show

17 Dec 2021

A contemporary interpretation of the Santa Barbara luxury and the rebellious style of the 1990s in a project by the GES-2 House of Culture and Vintage Marketplace.

The show offers a fresh take on 1980s and 1990s fashion and demonstrates global fashion trends that set the tone in today’s world. Marina Chuikina and Tania Lyagera have created runway looks with vintage clothing and accessories from different eras. The audience will see a colourful show interpreting the modern conception of luxury — free and rebellious, but devoid of kitsch and ostentatious luxury.

Bordering on kitsch, the excesses of the late 1980s and early 1990s organically fitted in with the mood of the controversial, changing era. The fashion show, though, is not just another homage to the “wild ‘90s”. Our aim is to explore the genealogy of “Russian style” after the collapse of the Sovier Union and to offer its practical and modern interpretations, emphasizing not only the nostalgic, but also ecological aspect of vintage and second hand clothes.

— Alexandra Tumarkina, V–A–C curator

The fashion show will take place in the Square, next door to the GES-2 Prospekt, where a long running performance Santa Barbara — A Living Sculpture by Ragnar Kjartansson unfolds. The famous American soap opera has played a prominent role in shaping the idea of fashion for a whole generation of Russians, becoming one of the main sources of inspiration for them to find their own style.

The theme of the show is liberation from luxury, or rather its assimilation into the actual contemporary style. There is a certain logic and consistency in the penetration of vintage into our wardrobes and minds: first people choose something chic and glittery, usually from the 1980s, and only then, becoming more and more involved and experimenting, adopt the style which is on the cutting edge of today’s fashion a mix of rebelliousness with top luxury, punk and rock with innocence, frank sexuality with the angularity of counterculture.

— Marina Chuikina and Tania Lyagera, project co-curators

Image by Dasha Kuznetsova