Corn Alphabet

14–19 Jan 2022
Pump room

Corn Alphabet is Tatyana Gordeeva’s choreographic interpretation of a play by Pavel Pryazhko, within a theoretical framework defined by scientist and ecologist Igor Polsky.

Pryazhko’s play is composed of scrappy words and shimmering meanings. Its characters are reduced to a single name, memory, or to the year of their death, giving the play up to a wide range of possible readings.The play refers to the corporeal aspect of different generations’ cultural experience. The body of a dance artist accumulates a variety of impressions and serves as an archive of memory, which it then comprehends and describes. The dancer thus interprets a contemporary piece based on their bodily experience and intuitive knowledge.

Igor Polsky helped adapt scientific material for the project and enabled an exchange of knowledge and skills, both physical and theoretical. With the help of game situations, Tatyana Gordeeva and the scientist offer the viewer new scenarios of non-verbal communication, in which the body becomes the bearer of various kinds of experience and self-rediscovery becomes possible.

Сorn Alphabet

Dance performance

Tatyana Gordeeva, Igor Polsky

Writer: Pavel Pryazhko
Visual artist: Ilona Borodina
Sound artist: Oleg Makarov

Commissioned by V–A– C Foundation

All images by Anya Todich