The idea of the Atelier was inspired by the principles of the pedagogical approach adopted in Reggio Emilia, which holds that all children are endowed with a certain creative potential. They naturally possess 'a hundred languages' (a myriad of ways to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings), and the task of adults consists in not obstructing children as they master these languages, but, on the contrary, helping them gain courage and confidence in exploring the world.

Together with experts, we have created four interconnected work zones for working with clay, paper, wood and fabric. They are all located in the same space, which helps the child become aware of the relationship between the skills they are learning and the phenomena they are experiencing.

The Workshop has several visiting formats

Drop-in attendance

Visiting families decide for themselves what to do in the Atelier. Our staff will offer suggestions and invent fruitful provocations that the child can respond creatively to. This format can also encourage interaction and collaboration between children and adults.

Pre-registration: Not required
When: Mon- Sun.

Workshops with artists

Twice monthly we invite contemporary artists who invent journey scenarios involving several workshop zones and using a variety of materials.

In the course of these workshops, children develop their visual imagination, and the classes result in the children completing a small art project.

When: Every second Sunday of the month.
Each workshop runs twice, so if you missed the first one you can always attend the next one.

Pre-registration: required, number of participants is limited.
Registration opens in October.

Work with a guest master

In the first season of GES-2, Atelier hosts four guest craftsmen — experts in working with clay, fabrics, paper, and wood. They will help the young visitors get to grips with complex equipment such as an electric jigsaw, etching machine, sewing machine, and potter’s wheel.

This is a great option for those who want to learn something new and acquire practical skills.

Pre-registration: Not required
When: Fri, Sat, Sun from 12:00 — 17:00.
Hour-long sessions for mini groups, running from 12:00 to 17:00
(Visitors can remain for successive sessions if they so desire).

For their invaluable expertise in setting up the Workshop, the project team would like to thank:

Daria Chapkovskaya
Dmitry Vakulin
Alexandra Grach
Dina Leonova

Alfiya Guseva
Sergei Tsarev
Viktor Krutelev
Sergei Dobrydnev