Time, Forward! Public programme

11 May–20 Oct 2019
V–A–C Zattere, Venice

The public programme of the V–A–C Foundation project Time, Forward! pays special attention to the phenomenon of time in everyday life and in the urban space.

The participants of the public programme rethink the slogan chosen as the project name. In contrast to the exhausted narrative of constant acceleration, they invite the public to slow down in the flow of automated life and find balance between the personal and the collective. This appeal translates into an apology for natural aging of the body, a reflection on the cycle of life and death, a reassessment of analogue sentimental relations and a call for immediate live dialogue instead of online communications. The programme proposes an alternative to the high-tech posthuman present: to get to know the city through direct participation in its life. Workshops, walking tours, physical and other practices serve one purpose: to achieve the effect of physical presence and immersion in everyday life.

The public programme events

A cycle of three open debates about death in a Death Café format. The cycle opens with a meeting moderated by the visual artist Diego Marcon.

Witch-Hunt, Violence against Women and New Forms of Primary Accumulation
Public debate with the feminist activist and political theorist Silvia Federici on the social and political significance of the 16th and 17th century witch-hunts and how this process influenced the developing capitalist organization of life and social position of women in the modern era.

Speed-Date with M¥SS KETA
The performance of the pop star explores the process of intimacy in the posthuman era.

Against the Censorship of Silence
The second open Death Café debate moderated by the Thanatology specialist Ines Testoni.

Dreaming is Common to All
The workshop of the artist Emilio Fantin, a kind of shared dream experience during which participants share dreams with each other, noting the points at which they may intersect.

If I Can’t Dance, It’s Not My Revolution
Dancer and choreographer Barbara Toma leads a seminar on bodily practices for people of all ages.

The Feminist De-Colonial Collective & The Provisory Anti-Fascist Committee of Venice
A cycle of walks, film screenings, debates, closed and public conversations with representatives of local community, exploring a wide range of pressing social issues: from violence against women to the resurgence of alt-right neocolonial currents.

Venice, Occupied City: Deportation and Resistance
City walk, debate and screening of the film Les Unwanted de Europa (2018).

Public Assembly and Common Kitchen

Bodymind Operating System

Workshop on an immersive body practice developed to transform behavioral patterns on individual and collective levels.

The City is a Cracked Media
The artist and researcher Paolo Patelli presents a series of workshops over three days aiming to explore information processing in the city.

The End: A Trilogy of Ending
Strasse's site-specific itinerant performance is born from the observation of human dynamics in the public space.

On Time and Technology

The topic of public debate with the artist and teacher Adelita Husni-Bey is time as a human tool which people can use to combat technological atomization and isolation.

Existing in Digital Eternity
Death Café debates concludes with an evening in the company of philosopher and researcher Davide Sisto.

Dance performance by Michele Rizzo accompanied by the music of Lorenzo Senni is dedicated to club culture and the cathartic effect of techno music.