Just Forfunov Music Festival

17 Sep 13:00–21:30

GES-2 presents the Just Forfunov festival: 24 music groups and solo artists will perform on two stages over the course of one day.

This festival of current young music, the first in the history of GES-2, is named after a fictional character—Just Forfunov. He does not have a definite identity or face: his main quality is that it does not live according to schedules and timetables, is not bound by conditions and deadlines, but only does what he likes—just for fun. In the end, we all want to be Just Forfunov sometimes.

Коллаж, группа одинаковых людей с сачками в руках и красными крыльями бабочки, на лице нарисованы солнцезащитные очки, антенны и высунутый язык
Illustration: Dima HLCLL

The festival participants are young musicians who are only just starting out in their careers. They are all aged from 14 to 22, play music of their own composition, and came to us through an open call. They all have different performing experience, genre preferences and musical backgrounds, but all together they create a sound that is relevant right now.

All photos: Daria Izbash

The festival will go on all day. Besides performances, at Platforms on the second floor a public programme will take place: games and public talks, a photo zone, a customization station—you can and should bring clothes that you want to customize, and add some spangles!



chunga-changa / 14:30–14:50

Группа "чунга-чанга"
Photo: Vlada Dmitrina

peresadki v metro / 15:00–15:20

Группа "пересадки в метро"
Photo: Sasha Spliun'

ochertanie / 15:30–15:50

Группа "очертание"
Photo: Tanya Boytsova

Pisma Batyushkova / 16:10–16:30

Портрет "Письма Батюшкова"
Photo: Pelageya Gosperskaya

onmie / 16:40–17:00

Портрет onmie
Photo: Arseniy Polushkin, Fedor Gradoboev

not icy kids / niklondir/ Nick Zhdan / 17:10–17:40

not icy kids / niklondir/ Ник Ждан
Photo: Arseniy Podolinskiy

kitsch neubityh psov / 18:00–18:30

Группа "кич неубитых псов"
Photo: Vlada Dmitrina

girl in a vortex / 18:40–19:10

Портрет girl in a vortex
Photo: Arseniy Podolinskiy

Nikita Shishkin / 19:20–19:50

Портрет Nikita Shishkin
Photo: Daria Tarnovskaya

Nikita Oleshchenko-Korzhakov / 20:00–20:30

Photo: Nikita Tenetko


LITIY / 13:10–13:30

Группа "LITIY"
Photo: Vlada Dmitrina

AMI / 13:40–14:00

Группа "AMI"
Photo: Vlada Dmitrina

jelly rat band / 14:10–14:30

Группа "jelly rat band"
Photo: Vlada Dmitrina

thedayaftertomorrow / 14:40–15:10

Группа "thedayaftertomorrow"
Photo: Sonya Teregulova

Domoy ne po puti / 15:30–15:50

Группа "Домой не по пути"
Photo: kas

Kerosinovaya lavka / 16:00–16:20

Группа "Керосиновая лавка"
Photo: Arseniy Podolinskiy

Solnechno dozhdlivo / 16:30–16:50

Группа "Солнечно Дождливо"
Photo: Arseniy Podolinskiy

Siren’ / 17:10–17:30

Группа "Сирень"
Photo: Egor Churikov

Deytera / 17:40–18:10

Группа "Дейтера"
Photo: Sergey Sulima

IMMERSIAH / 18:20–18:50

Photo: Anna Chapkina

shumnost’ / 19:00–19:30

Группа "шумность"
Photo: Vlada Dmitrina

Unsn / 19:50–20:20

Портрет ЮНСН
Photo: Arseniy Podolinskiy

Ptichka Soe / 20:30–21:00

Ptichka Soe
Photo: Dasha Gladchenko

murmur ukiyobanare! / 21:10–21:40

Группа "murmur ukiyobanare!"
Photo: Milana Gorinova

Yulia Apanasenko, Stepan Ovchinnikov

Karina Bikmukhametova, Sonya Bikmukhametova, Agata Burdeinaya, Vlada Dmitrina, Polina Kocherygina, Elizaveta Mazurova, Tonya Minchik, Aida Mukhtarova, Arseny Podolinsky, Nastya Savelieva, Sofia Sorochenkova, Maria Tretyakova, Polina Yakubova


Project team
Antonina Belugina, Daria Globina, Sergei Zykov, Lada Kovalchuk, Mikhail Ukhin

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