Season 4. Kosmos Nash

Mar–Aug 2023
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Today, the most valuable "territory" to be named and conquered is the future. Who owns the future and how can we get advance knowledge about it using algorithmic projections? In any cosmological or colonial impulse, there are inevitably those who are allowed in and those who are excluded. The mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion from the realm of knowledge and property draw strict boundaries and create a select few endowed with rights as opposed to the outsiders. Who are these outsiders today claiming a share in the asset called 'the future'?

In this regard, it is also interesting to look at the colonial impulse directed at outer space. The current economic model makes the prospect of an uninhabited Earth ever more likely. The projects of cosmic colonisation and the creation of human settlements on nearby planets and orbital stations are beginning to seem to be the only alternative to the extinction of humankind. Will the process of space exploration be a continuation of the logic of competition between national states, or will it require the creation of a new interplanetary cosmopolitanism? If the cosmos is ours, then who are we? We will look for answers during the season Kosmos Nash. Everyone Will Be Taken into the Future!