Season 3. Mother

Oct 2022–Feb 2023
Photo by Kirill Braga 
© RIA Novosti

"Mother" is a highly charged symbol, the repository of deeply held and often fiercely contested meanings concerning family, religion, nation, labour and gender. It also has an ancient connection with the very way we conceive of nature and the relationship between nature and culture (see, for example, myths and rituals around goddesses Demetra and Isis).

We offer a series of investigations into Mother as a powerful and loaded cultural symbol, focusing on the Russian context where mother is identified with the motherland. What is at stake here are not only the multiple meanings of "mother", "mothering" and "motherhood", but how the figure of mother lies at the heart of a whole set of social practices, from the most intimate relations of care, dependence and desire to the grandest religious, political and economic structures.