Season 2. Truth

May–Sep 2022
Photo by A. Cheprunov
© RIA Novosti

The digital revolution has radically increased the quantity of information sources, and none of them really inspire confidence. Many new technological platforms are forcing us to look for a definition of truth that could lead to a better understanding of reality. Culture plays a key role in this pressing need. In the second season of GES-2, called Truth. What Is Realism For?, the search for truth is presented as a process that every day is becoming more and more problematic.

In Russian, there is a difference between the truth (istina) as a scientific or religious category and truth (pravda) as an ethical concept. Truth (pravda) is connected not only with theory, but also with actions and deeds, a sense of justice. It bears a personal principle and therefore does not imply a simple appeal to objective facts. Truth is always a promise of justice and often of a higher justice, one that implies not passive expectation, but an active search, a seeking after truth and the hope that one day it will triumph. This aspect of truth can be found, for example, in the initial impulse of realism of the 19th century. The way in which the truth is revealed, constructed and validated in contemporary artistic realism is one of this season’s key themes.