DK Zattere

26 Nov 2018–29 Feb 2020

A new cultural model of an urban public institution in the Venetian venue of the V–A–C Foundation.

"DK" is the abbreviation for "dom kultury" ("house of culture" in Russian). The project aims to rethink the activity of these democratic institutions that arose in the heyday of the Russian avant-garde in the 1920s and then became popular in the Soviet era.

Houses of culture were created so as to forge new social interactions; their aim was to attract and bring together local residents, allowing them to develop their leisure and recreational activities. Initially, they functioned on the basis of self-administration and often had their own exhibition halls, theatre studios, workshops, libraries, cinemas, concert halls and even radio stations.

In the course of its two seasons, the DK Zattere project has become a manifesto for exactly the way that the V–A–C Foundation intends to stick to in the future: the production of new culture created jointly by artists and the public. For four months in the first season and three months in the second, the latter became full owners of the four-storey palazzo with an area of 2000 sq. m., and participated in programmes and events in various artistic spheres and leisure activities, from fine art and music to performances and yoga.

DK Zattere is not a closed building, nor is it a museum, but a platform for interaction, pushing for joint experiments and an equal polylogue between local communities, citizens and tourists.