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15 Bolotnaya Embankment
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Mon – Sun, 10:00–22:00

Free admission. Registration or purchase of tickets is required for some events.


We strive to ensure maximum physical and informational accessibility of the GES-2 House of Culture.


We offer our visitors various formats of communication with mediators: spontaneous talks, group tours and joint creative projects.

Building map
Часы работы:
Mon–Sun, 12:00–22:00
A play area and a workshop were created by an artist Sveta Shuvayeva and an architect Olga Rokal. The indoor play area is a total art installation that takes a visitor to an enchanted forest, where time has its own rules. Nothing is lacking in the workshop for the creative requirements of both adults and children of six and over. One can work there on one’s own or together with the staff, as well as with invited artists.
A Café next to the Restaurant offers breakfasts and a limited lunch menu. It's convenient to sit here if you've just came to GES-2 or want to take a break between activities at the House of Culture.


In two spacious classrooms on the second and third floors, educational and learning programme activities are held for both adults and children. Mobile partitions and acoustic curtains allow the division of each classroom into several rooms so that different activities can be held simultaneously.


The galleries take up most of the space on the first floor. They easily adapt to events of different formats. The zoned layout allows to hold large exhibitions that take up the entire area; it is also possible to divide the space into different sectors.

Galleries 2 floors

Two multifunctional galleries are located under the roof slopes.
The Restaurant is located on the left Risalit of the GES-2 building. One can enter it both from the Square and from the city via Patriarshy Bridge. It occupies the veranda and mezzanine of the building’s left annex and offers experimental designer cuisine and fine wine list.

High Platform

The highest platform of the main building hovers above the Prospekt on the 3rd floor. It can be used as a stage or rehearsal space.
Часы работы:
Mon–Sun, 12:00–22:00
Here we store the books recommended by the curators and participants of the GES-2 art and educational programmes. The collection is constantly being updated. Visitors can read the books anywhere on the GES-2 territory. The library is fitted with equipment for visually impaired and blind visitors.
A Café overlooking the Forest, where you can have healthy light snacks and appetizers. In summer, we open the glass doors and move some of the tables outside, turning our Café into one whole seating area inside and outside the GES-2 building.


The two-level car park accommodates up to 207 vehicles and is equipped with eight charging stations for electric cars. The upper level on the 1st floor is equipped with sound equipment and can be transformed into a venue for concerts, parties and raves.


The Central Platform is a space in the centre of the building on the 2nd floor and a pivotal location for all the GES-2 events. Concerts, performances, lectures are held here; there are also spectator stands. The platform is equipped with lighting and acoustic systems.Two other platforms are connected to the Central Platform with walkways: those are intended for performative events, and can also serve as viewing platforms.


This is our main venue for musical and theatrical events. It combines the functions of a cinema, a theatre and a concert hall. Thanks to a built-in mechanism, the 420-seat hall can be transformed: eight front rows are removable, allowing the stage to increase from 35 m2 to a maximum of 150 m2. If necessary, a curtain completely covers the glass back wall.


The main artery of the building is the House of Culture’s largest space with a total area of 1200 m2. Exhibitions, concerts, performances and fairs are held here, and in the midst of individual programmes at the GES-2 one can play table or board games or practice yoga.

Pump room

A spacious room with a five-metre ceiling which can serve as both an exhibition space or a venue for performances or other events. The Pump room can accommodate up to 700 visitors.
Participants of the V–A–C international residency programme, jointly organised with V–A–C Zattere, live and work on three floors of the right risalit. As a part of this programme, artists, dancers, choreographers, musicians, and other representatives of experimental arts and humanitarian studies areas realise collective and individual projects.
In the GES-2 shop, you can find vinyl disks, audio cassettes, books and photobooks in Russian and foreign languages, as well as clothes, accessories, stationery, jewellery and fragrances, which have all been either selected with the help of the GES-2 curators and residents, or created in collaboration with designers and brands close to our hearts.


The location between the GES-2 main building and the Moskva river is always teeming with life. It is an excellent meeting place as well as the place to find out about what’s on at the House of Culture, to sign on for forthcoming events and to buy tickets. The GES-2 venue visually merges with the city due to its glazed façade.


The outdoor amphitheatre adjacent to the glass wall of the Playhouse is a place where you can listen to concerts and lectures in warm weather or just relax.


The chamber space holds up to 50 people. Simple universal menu is offered here during the day, and in the evening Stalovaya turns into a refreshment room for the visitors of the performances running in the Playhouse.
The Art Production Centre is located in a separate building between the Patriarshy Bridge and the GES-2. There are workshops for working with wood, metal, plastic, ceramics and textiles, photo, audio and video studios, a silkscreen printing studio, a library of materials and a co-working spacs. The Vaults are open to a wide range of creative professionals.

Yard & Forest

The yard between the GES-2 building and the Forest is an outdoor recreation area. In the warm season, the glazed doors of the building are opened and the Cafe tables are moved out onto the street.

The green pedestrian zone of about one hectare is more than just a place for walking. Thanks to a special landscape design technology, 624 birch trees grow on an inclined slab. The path between the trees leads to the Belvedere — a panoramic observation platform running parallel to Patriarshy Bridge.