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Metal and Wood

Here artists can work with different types of metal and wood as well as plastic, wood-based composite materials, cardboard and leather. The carpentry workshop is equipped with modern manual and programmable equipment for cutting, milling, grinding, polishing, engraving and other types of processing. The metal workshop has machines for welding, drilling, bending, cutting thin metal sheets and bulk metal objects of various complexity.

Among the high-tech devices available to users are, for example, the Flexicam milling and engraving machine, which mills parts according to a three-dimensional digital layout, and the KUKA robotic arm, which is able to mill and print objects made of plastic using different attachments. The workshop has everything to varnish, assemble, disassemble, glue, and weld objects created by users and paint them under high pressure in a large paint chamber.

Sergei Kalinin
master in metal crafts and CNC machines

Graduated from the National Nuclear Research University (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute). Headed an experimental workshop at Rosatom Corporation. In the Vault workshops, Sergei helps with 3D scanning and 3D printing, as well as working with metal and other materials with hand tools or on a machine tool.


  • KUKA robotic arm offering the possibility of combining milling and 3D printing
  • FlexiCAM CNC router — 3-axis professional milling and engraving machine
  • WATTSAN NC-С1612 CO2 laser engraver — a machine for laser cutting and engraving sheet metal
  • Powermatic PM1000 table saw
  • JET JBOS-5 oscillating spindle sander
  • Powermatic PWBS-14CS band saw
  • JET JSG-96 combination belt and disk sander
  • JET JDP-15B benchtop drill press
  • Powermatic 60НН jointer
  • Powermatic 209 HH planer
  • Powermatic PM2700 shaper
  • JET JWL-1840 eVS woodworking lathe
  • JET JBSM-75 metalworking belt grinder
  • JET HVBS-712K metalworking bandsaw
  • JET JMD-45LPFD mill/drill
  • Fubag INTIG 200 DC PULSE 31411 welding invertor + torch
  • Blue Weld STAR MIG 215 DUAL SYNERGIC 816400 semi-automatic inverter welder
  • JET GHB-1330A metal lathe
  • JET JDP-13M bench pillar drill (for metals)
  • Dry paint booth
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