GES-2 has its own bakery, BREAD-2. It is located inside the Vaults Art Production Centre, near Patriarshy Bridge. Visitors can buy freshly baked bread and pastries to take home, as well as taste them at the GES-2 Restaurant, Stalovaya, Bar Two and the Ostanovka cafe.

The team led by the master baker Evgeny Ivanov produces various types of artisan bread, using traditional techniques along with cutting-edge equipment. The product range at BREAD-2 includes multigrain bread made from different types of flour with added pre-fermented grains and seeds, as well as fruit and veg; traditional white bread made from rare and endemic varieties of wheat; and classic rye bread, baguette and ciabatta. All bread is made with traditional sourdough, bringing its ingredients from Italy, where it has been used by seven generations of bakers.

The pastry chef Vincenzo Villardita, working with Deniz Yumadidova and Dmitry Kulagin, keeps BREAD-2 stocked with sweet pastries. The team are especially proud of their puff pastries made with organic butter: croissants, Danish pastries with various fillings, various brioches and buns. Last but not least, BREAD-2 makes traditional Roman pizza.

Besides the bakery, the House of Culture GES-2 also has a restaurant and several cafés of different formats. You can find out more about them on the Restaurant and cafés page.

Mon — Sun, 08:00 — 22:00