Vangelino Currentzis. Resonance

from 8 Apr

Resonance is a twenty-minute modular piece written by Vangelino Currentzis and performed by the musicAeterna orchestra under the direction of Teodor Currentzis in Dom Radio, Saint Petersburg. The installation was conceived especially for GES-2’S Prospekt and Platform, and a special array was developed for the recording: twenty-four musicians were placed at the same distance from one another as the speakers used to broadcast the composition on GES-2’s Prospekt would be.

Resonance was to have taken its final form upon installation at the House of Culture. It was significantly reworked as a consequence of the pandemic. The version of the installation exhibited here was created in anticipation of a meeting between GES-2 and the artist.

Vangelino Currentzis (Athens, 1973) is a musician, composer, sound artist, and producer.

Performers: musicAeterna orchestra
Conductor: Teodor Currentzis

*Attention! On 23 April, the Resonance sound installation by Vangelino Kourentzis can only be heard from 11:00 to 15:00

Image by Anya Todich