Vera Krasnoselskaya

Curator of the V–A–C public programmes. She is a historian, the former art director of the ZIL Cultural Centre and deputy director of the Sergei Kuryokhin Centre for Contemporary Art (St. Petersburg).

Stepan Ovchinnikov

Curator of the GES–2 school programme, the curator and presenter of the V–A–C Cultural Practices: Non-Systemic Renewal pilot school programme (2018-2020).

Veronika Molchanova

Curator of the GES–2 school programme. She is a culturologist, former teacher of cultural theory and history at the Lyceum of the Higher School of Economics National Research University, and a researcher at the Laboratory of Cultural Research at the Higher School of Economics National Research University.

Anastasia Korosteleva

Curator of the GES–2 school programme. Has worked as a curator of the Summer Creative Lab for teens at the ZIL Cultural Centre (2018-2020) and a coordinator of the Cartoon Factory at the Great Festival of Cartoons (2018, 2019). She was a curator of The Nature of Sound experimental section at the Baikal International School.


Yulia Apanasenko

Philosopher and a teacher. She has been involved in the development and teaching of the Theory of Knowledge meta-disciplinary course, and has supported research and project activities of high school students at the Lyceum of the Higher School of Economics National Research University. She has collaborated with the University for Children project at the Polytechnic Museum.

Alexandra Dudarenko

Culturologist and a researcher. She has supervised the anthropological activities of high school students at the Lyceum of the Higher School of Economics National Research University, has developed and led an art workshop for neurodiverse children, and has been involved in research work for the Shalash charity foundation.

Sergey Zykov

Artist, a musician and a mediator. He has worked at the Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM) and at the ZIL Cultural Centre. As a mediator, he has primarily interacted with children and teenagers, striving to make curatorial projects open to young people. A graduate of the Moscow Architectural Institute, he is currently studying at the BAZA Institute of Contemporary Art.

Maria Osetyanskaya

Art historian, an art therapist and a psychologist. She is the author and presenter of the GES–2 — Here It Is! programme for neurodiverse participants. She has developed and conducted tours, lectures and workshops for children and adults at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Maria is an author and a facilitator of educational courses for teenagers and adults in the Koleso Obozreniya (Ferris Wheel) inclusive project.

The School Board

In winter 2019, the V–A–C Foundation team started holding round tables with teachers and students from the schools participating in the Cultural Practices: A Non-Systemic Renewal programme. We talked to education professionals to understand what the Foundation’s GES–2 school programme should be. In May 2021, the first meeting of the School Programme Board, the body that is supposed to make our work transparent and accessible for criticism and improvement, took place.

The members of the Board are:

Anna Tikhomirova

Psychologist, a lecturer at Moscow State Pedagogics and Psychology University (MGPPU), an author and developer of social projects and programmes (The Bumper Book Bus for kids, Perekryostok help centre for teenagers, SVOYA Shkola). Most of all she likes to invent and create new things together with kids and teenagers.

Yuri Podkopaev

Deputy director for the organisation of the educational environment, the head of the high school and a mathematics teacher at the New School. Previously, he has worked at Tubelsky School and The Living School, as well as at the Kavardak Centre for Self-Determination for Children and Adults, and has also been a methodologist at and Yandex.Textbook.

Pyotr Safronov

Education researcher, a philosopher, a poet, and a member of the RF (RyadovkaFioletovaya) group. He is a methodologist at the Letovo school and the author and moderator of the Razobraz Telegram channel about education. Previously he has worked as a philosophy teacher and taught at the Free University.

Galina Solovieva

Primary school teacher and an organising educator. She holds the degree of Master of International Baccalaureate and is a certified IB PYP Educator. She is the author of supplementary education programmes. For many years she has been working as a counselor and an organizer of leisure programmes for kids, and currently she creates scripts for group quest games.