Visiting regulations

Visiting the House of Culture is only possible by prior registration for a single entrance or for attending a certain event. A single entrance ticket allows you to enter during a chosen hour. Registering for a ticketed event allows you to enter the building one hour before the event begins. If you would like to come earlier, please be sure to make an additional single entrance registration.

We cannot guarantee entrance to the building if you show up earlier or later than your reserved time slot. 

General rules

— Please do not touch any of the art works on display, this is essential to their preservation. There are, however, tactile models of the building, which can and should be touched.

— Children and teenagers under 14 can only enter the House of Culture accompanied by an adult. Please note that you may be asked to show proof of your age at the entrance.

— We ask adults to explain the Visitor Regulations to their children and to take responsibility for their behaviour.

— Smoking is prohibited on the premises of GES–2 House of Culture, excluding in specially designated smoking areas.

— We love pets, but at present, only guide dogs are allowed on the grounds of GES–2 House of Culture.

— Baby strollers are allowed throughout the House of Culture, except in the Playhouse. Please be aware that temporary restrictions may be in place in the exhibition areas due to the nature of certain exhibitions.

— Baby strollers can be left in a specially designated area to the right of the entrance, under the stairs leading from the Square to the Library. The Parking is not guarded, so please do not leave valuables in wheelchairs.

— Children's scooters, balance bikes, and skateboards can be brought into GES-2. We ask that you refrain from using them inside the building. They can be stored in the cloakroom or left in a locker. Unfortunately, GES–2 House of Culture cannot be held responsible for the safety of personal belongings.

— Bicycles, adult scooters, and electric scooters can be left in the street bike parking: one is located alongside the Vaults, the other behind the right risalit.

— Non-alcoholic drinks in plastic bottles or lidded cups with a volume of no more than 1 litre may be brought into GES–2. Please be aware of the fact that security officers at the entrance to the building may ask to examine your drink.

— Carrying out trade and entrepreneurial activities inside the building of GES–2 and on the adjacent territory is not permitted.

— The House of Culture closes at 22:00. By this hour, all visitors must have left the GES–2 building. We will gladly welcome you again the following day.

— Visitors who refuse to follow our standards of conduct will not be allowed into GES–2. We reserve the right to ask such visitors to leave the premises of GES–2.

Photos and videos

— We will be thrilled to see your photos from the GES–2 House of Culture on social media, but please do not use flashlight, tripods or any devices for taking selfies.

— No amateur filming or video recording is allowed in the Playhouse after the beginning of film screenings and performances.

— If you would like to discuss the possibility of professional shooting, please contact us at

Food and drinks

— Food and drinks are not allowed in the exhibition areas.

— Water and soft drinks in plastic bottles with a volume of no more than 1 litre, as well as coffee and tea in cups with a lid may be brought into the Library, Classrooms, and Playhouse.

— Food is not allowed in the Playhouse. 


— Please leave outerwear in the Cloakroom if you plan on visiting the exhibition areas, Playhouse, or Library.

— Classrooms are equipped with their own coat racks.

Large items

— We ask that you leave all items larger than 30×40×20 сm in the Cloakroom or in the lockers beside it.

— Guards will ask visitors to open bulky luggage — that is, luggage with dimensions exceeding 55×35 cm that does not fit into the introscope — in order to inspect it manually.

Special needs

— Interpretation materials and equipment for visitors with disabilities are available at the Information desk.

— There is a changing room with a comfortable area for breastfeeding on the –1 floor.

Playhouse / Vaults / Forest and Yard

— Some screenings at the Playhouse operate on a free-seating basis. If you are late for such a session, please choose a seat that can be accessed without disturbing other viewers.

— Only professionals have access to the Vaults workshops, but the walls have been made transparent to allow you to watch them at work.

— The Forest has a sophisticated and fragile irrigation system underneath the soil layer. To avoid damaging it, please stay on the path.

— Building fires, sunbathing in beachwear, and listening to loud music is not permitted in the Forest and Yard. Please also refrain from playing outdoor games that might disturb other visitors.