First Season of the GES-2 House of Culture

4 Dec 2021–27 Feb 2022

Learning the most important facts about the power plant on Bolotnaya Embankment and its transformation into the House of Culture, as well as getting to know about the projects of Season 1. Santa Barbara — How Not to Be Сolonised?

The tour is built around the main facts from the GES–2 history and its transformation into the House of Culture — a new public space where creativity is treated as an integral part of life. You will learn about the projects of the V–A–C Foundation in Russia and Venice, the historical architecture of the City Power Plant #2, and the principles of the building‘s reconstruction that were followed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. You will find out about the connection between the GES–2, the Fun Palace by Cedric Price and multiple houses of culture that emerged in the USSR in the 1920s. We will also talk about the House of Culture’s artistic programme Holy Barbarians, or Both Are Worse which will develop over five seasons, and in particular about its first season, Santa Barbara — How Not to Be Сolonised?

Image by Gleb Leonov

The tour is designed as a constructor: the participants and the mediator choose certain topics to explore in a free and equal dialogue and set the accents of the conversation according to their interests.

Duration of one tour: 60-120 minutes