soonMediation tours
Mediation is a form of interaction between a cultural institution and its visitors. It creates a contact space in which to activate the audience's sense of belonging, interest and need for artistic reflection.

Mediation is a respectful dialogue between all participants, regardless of their experience, views or age; it allows them to feel their involvement in contemporary culture and to be able to see everyday events in a new light. Mediation encourages a visitor to familiarise themselves with an exhibition, at first independently, and then discussing it with a mediator in a suitable form.

Mediation is a profession. Our team have been trained at the V–A–C Department of Mediation. In addition to the mediators, we invite artists and experts in various fields to guest curate GES-2 exhibition tours, developing their content and form.

Mediation at GES–2 is available in Russian and English, and also in Russian sign language (upon prior request). All mediation formats are free of charge.
Pre-registered tours
Pre-arranged group tours on particular themes. Prior registration allows mediators to take into account all participants’ preferences, experience and characteristics. The preferred number of tour participants is 8, including the mediator. Family tours are available for adults and children over 5 years old. Adult tours are recommended for those over 14 years old, but it is possible to discuss specific details with a mediator. Average tour duration is 1-2 hours.
Getting to know GES–2
A 10-15 minute introductory talk for those new to the House of Culture. Held every day at the beginning of each hour; look for announcements at the information desks.
Free mediation
Impromptu talks at GES–2. The format allows participants to freely choose topics, as well as duration and format of the talk. Mediators can be recognized by distinctive clothing.
Mediators’ projects
A wide variety of interactions between mediators and visitors, including collaborative art practices, games and recreational facilities, joint publications, and many more. Mediators’ projects propose new ways of communicating with visitors and means of involving them in the cultural process. The projects may run both inside and outside the GES–2 House of Culture, as well as online.