GES-2 is creating a public library specialising in contemporary art and building our collection based on the principles of curatorial and artistic research. This is a slow and gradual process; we are not rushing to fill every bookshelf as quickly as possible. The opening of the GES-2 House of Culture is, after all, only the beginning of our story.
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When building our collection, we work in two main directions. The first direction is to add books on time-based media: choreography, music, film, theatre, performance and interactive art. It is the dialogue between these disciplines that generally defines the GES-2 art programme.

The second main focus of the collection is connected with the three-year-long seasonal programme Holy Barbarians. If the institution was writing a novel in five chapters, the Library would become the extended commentary to this novel, featuring books that capture the context, philosophical sources and thinking behind our projects.
The GES-2 book collection is put together jointly by the V–A–C curatorial team and all the participants of our outreach and exhibition programmes. This approach means that the collection is likely to include not only art books but also works that have significantly influenced artistic practices, spanning all genres and subjects, be it Oriental philosophy, poetry, fiction, biology, physics or astrology.