Soda machine


Project: History and architecture of GES-2
Section: Historic equipment of GES-2

Soda machines first appeared in the USSR in 1932. The AT-101 SM machine installed at GES-2 is a later model, built at the Perovsky Machine Building Plant in Moscow in the 1980s. The letter ‘S’ in the machine’s name indicated that it had been designed for glass cups, the letter ‘M’ that it was equipped with a washing-device. Along streets and in parks, thirsty passers-by would put coins into these machines: 1 kopeck would get them ordinary soda, 3 kopecks soda with two types of syrups. In factories, soda was dispensed for free.

AT-101M type carbonated water dispenser in the boiler room, 2016
Photo by Ilya Ivanov