Expanding Space: Out of the Centre

Expanding Space is a large-scale continuation of the V–A–C project of the same name in 2015-16, whereby contemporary artists developed works for the urban environment, producing pieces from scaffolding to street signs and metro station installations. This time round, selected artists are working further afield on the outskirts of the city, with a variety of local institutions and associations including libraries, cinemas, chess clubs, public squares and houses of culture, in order to get to know these communities and create new cultural opportunities.

The main goal of ‘Expanding Space: Out of the Centre’ is to broaden the focus of existing local activities towards more open and social participative practices as well as exploring their potential and meaning within the local context. V–A–C will run seven programmes over several months, which will see musicians, theatre directors, filmmakers and performers work together with residents of the different Moscow districts.

Website of the project (Russian only)

GES-2 Open Calls

The Festival of Play and Games
GES-2 House of Cultures will run What Are The Rules? — the Festival of play and games in November.

We invite game creators ready to look into how people can play together by their own rules, and to produce new games.
What traditions can these be built on and what new features might be introduced? How can such games consult every player’s interests and yet give freedom to play?

The winning concepts are to be carried out at the GES-2 Playing and Games Festival in November.

Find out more and apply

Rules for the competition

(in Russian, as only Russian citizens are eligible)
Photo: Sofia Korotaeva
V-A-C Foundation announces an open call for participation in ColLab programme of its Vaults Artistic Production Centre.

ColLab programme of the Vaults Artistic Production Centre invites designers, artists, architects, musicians, and filmmakers to apply for a 6-month artist residence. The artists-in-residence will have creative freedom to implement their projects and participate in collective production by using the Centre’s state of the art equipment, and will be provided with necessary materials.

Learn how to apply (in Russian, as only Russian citizens are eligible) — Vaults Open Call
Photo: Gleb Leonov
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