Expanding Space: Out of the Centre

Expanding Space is a large-scale continuation of the V–A–C project of the same name in 2015-16, whereby contemporary artists developed works for the urban environment, producing pieces from scaffolding to street signs and metro station installations. This time round, selected artists are working further afield on the outskirts of the city, with a variety of local institutions and associations including libraries, cinemas, chess clubs, public squares and houses of culture, in order to get to know these communities and create new cultural opportunities.

The main goal of ‘Expanding Space: Out of the Centre’ is to broaden the focus of existing local activities towards more open and social participative practices as well as exploring their potential and meaning within the local context. V–A–C will run seven programmes over several months, which will see musicians, theatre directors, filmmakers and performers work together with residents of the different Moscow districts.

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V–A–C Zattere

(notice, 12.03.2021)
Due to restrictions imposed by the recent order issued by the Ministry of Health and the Venetian Authorities, part of Non-Extractive Architecture: On Designing without Depletion programme has been suspended until further notice. Please check in with us again for updates.

Dorsoduro 1401
30123 Venice, Italy

sudest 1401 Restaurant

  • Currently open Thursday to Tuesday, 9 am — 6 pm (in accordance with Covid-19 safety regulations)
  • Closed on Wednesday

V–A–C Zattere is the Foundation’s Venetian space launched in spring 2017. The restored historic palazzo, originally dating back to the mid-1800s, is situated on Zattere overlooking the Canale della Giudecca. V–A–C commissioned local architect Alessandro Pedron of _apml architetti to restore and renovate the building, transforming it into a new contemporary arts centre for the city of Venice. The entire space covers 2000 sq metres over four levels, half of which is exhibition space. V–A–C Zattere also has a restaurant (sudest 1401), event rooms, offices and a residency block.

V—A—C Zattere, Venice
Photo: Delfino Sisto Legnani e Marco Cappelletti
V–A–C Zattere, Venice
Photos: Fulvio Orsenigo

sudest 1401 Restaurant

sudest 1401 is a sociocultural project and eatery where food and company are the basis for bringing people together and encouraging dialogue. V–A–C strives for openness, equality and exchange of knowledge and ideas by putting different cultures in conversation in its main programme and aims to reflect this in the kitchen by combining different flavours and traditions.

Photo: Luca Zanon Fotografo a Vicenza
sudest 1401, V—A—C Zattere, Venice, 2019
Photo: Delfino Sisto Legnani e Marco Cappelletti

Laguna Viva garden installation

Laguna Viva (Living Lagoon) is an outdoor installation in the form of a typical saltmarsh habitat, arranged according to botanical associations and functional morphology and housed in two large tanks covered in individual tiles, as part of a tiled landscape running from the canal into the Palazzo. Inspired by the Venetian Lagoon and traditional Venetian floors, the project has been developed by London based collective Assemble, who work across the fields of architecture, design and art, with the Venice research organisation We Are Here Venice and Granby Workshop, a small ceramics factory in Liverpool, founded by Assemble in 2014.

Assemble with We Are Here Venice
Laguna Viva (Living Lagoon), 2018
V–A–C Foundation, Venice. 
Photo: Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti
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